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Albarello, F., Crocetti, E., & Rubini, M. (2019). Prejudice and inclusiveness in adolescence: The role of multiple categorization and social dominance orientation. Child Development doi: 10.1111/cdev.13295 (IF = 5.024, Q1)*

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Vosylis, R., Žukauskienė, R., & Crocetti, E. (2019). Linking identity processes to spending self-control capacities in emerging adulthood: The mediating role of self-regulatory identity functions. Emerging Adulthood. doi: 10.1177/2167696818820204 (Q1)**


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Kaniušonytė, G., Truskauskaitė-Kunevičienė, I., Žukauskienė, R., & Crocetti, E. (2019). Knowing who you are for not feeling lonely? A longitudinal study on identity and loneliness. Child Development, 90, 1579–1588. doi: 10.1111/cdev.13294 (IF = 5.024, Q1)*

Prati, F., Menegatti, M., Moscatelli, S., Kana Kenfack, C.S., Pireddu, S., Crocetti, E., Mariani, M.G., & Rubini, M. (2019). Are mixed gender committees less biased towards female and male candidates? An investigation of competence-, morality- and sociability-related terms in performance appraisal. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 38(5-6), 586-605 doi: 10.1177/0261927X19844808 (IF = 1.014, Q2)*

Sugimura, K., Matsushima, K., Hihara, S., Takahashi, M., & Crocetti, E. (2018). A culturally sensitive approach to the relationships between identity formation and religious beliefs in youth. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 48(4), pp. 668-679. doi:10.1007/s10964-018-0920-8 (IF = 3.259, Q1)*

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Crocetti, E., Moscatelli, S., Kaniušonytė, G., Branje, S., Žukauskienė, R., & Rubini, M. (2018). Adolescents’ self-perception of morality, competence, and sociability and their interplay with quality of family, friend, and school relationships: A three-wave longitudinal study. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 47, 1743–1754. doi:10.1007/s10964-018-0864-z (IF = 3.259, Q1)*

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Vosylis, R., Erentaitė, R., & Crocetti, E. (2018). Global versus domain-specific identity processes: Which domains are more relevant for emerging adults? Emerging Adulthood, 6(1), 32-41. doi:10.1177/2167696817694698 (Q1)**

Žukauskienė, R., Truskauskaitė-Kunevičienė, I., Kaniušonytė, G., & Crocetti, E. (2018). How do Lithuanian adolescents address identity questions? A four-wave longitudinal study on change and stability in identity styles. European Journal of Developmental Psychology, 15(1), 41-60. doi:10.1080/17405629.2017.1285762 (IF = 1.667, Q3)*

***Shared first authorship


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***Article selected for review in the APA journal Clinician’s Research Digest: Briefings in behavioral sciences, Volume 29 (3), March 201.

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Articles in peer-reviewed Italian journals

Barbero Vignola, G., Bezze, M., Canali, C., Crocetti, E., De Leo, D., Eynard, M., Maurizio, R., Milan, G., Ongaro, F., Schiavon, M., Vecchiato, T. (2016). Crescere: Uno studio longitudinale per il benessere dell’infanzia [Crescere: A longitudinal study on adolescent well-being]. Studi Zancan, 1, 21-33.

Barbero Vignola, G., Crocetti, E. (2017). Adolescenti che cambiano tra relazioni familiari e autostima [Developing adolescents, between family relationships and self-esteem]. Studi Zancan, 4, 15-22.

Crocetti, E. (2018). La formazione dell’identità negli adolescenti “invisibili”: Una ricerca sugli adolescenti in carcere [Identity formation in «invisible» adolescents: A research on inmates]. Psicologia Sociale, 13, 75-86. doi: 10.1482/89429 (Q4)**

Crocetti, E. (2014). Il contesto scolastico in adolescenza: Identità, benessere e dinamiche relazionali [The school context in adolescence: Identity, well-being, and relational dynamics]. Studi Zancan, 3, 1-7.

Crocetti, E. Fermani, A., Palmonari, A. (2013). Che ne è degli adolescenti che abbandonano la scuola? Percorsi identitari e ansia in adolescenti lavoratori e studenti [What’s about adolescents who drop out of school? Identity paths and anxiety in adolescent workers and students]. Orientamenti Pedagogici, 60 (1), 113-129.

Crocetti, E., Berzonsky, M., Meeus, W. (2012). A person-centered approach to identity styles. Bollettino di Psicologia Applicata, 263, 17-30.

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Crocetti, E., Cherubini, E., Palmonari, A. (2009). Identità scolastica e rete sociale degli adolescenti [Educational identity and social network of adolescents]. Psicologia dell’Educazione e della Formazione, 11 (3), 73-101.

Crocetti, E., Fermani, A., Pojaghi, B. (2009). Strategie di coping e sviluppo dell’identità scolastica in adolescenza [Coping strategies and educational identity in adolescence]. Età evolutiva, 92, 45-56.

Crocetti, E., Palmonari, A. (2011). Quando il plurale è d’obbligo: I multiformi percorsi degli adolescenti e dei giovani [When the plural is a must: The multifaceted paths of adolescents and young people]. Studi Zancan, 5, 25-40.

Crocetti, E., Rubini, M., Palmonari, A. (2008). Attaccamento ai genitori e al gruppo dei pari e sviluppo dell’identità in adolescenti e giovani [Parental and peer attachment and identity development in adolescents and emerging adults]. Psicologia Clinica dello Sviluppo, 2, 329-353 doi: 10.1482/89429

Crocetti, E., Rubini, M., Palmonari, A. (2008). Attaccamento ai genitori ed ai pari come fonte di benessere sociale [Parental and peer attachment as a source of social well-being]. Psicologia della Salute, 2, 63-79.

Crocetti, E. (2007). Lo sviluppo dell’identità in adolescenza [Identity development in adolescence]. Psicologia Sociale, 2, 221-223. doi:10.1482/25061

Fermani, A., Muzi, M., Crocetti, E., Meeus, W. (2016). I genitori sono importanti per la chiarezza del concetto di sé? Studenti e lavoratori a confronto [Are parents important for self-concept clarity? A comparison of adolescent students and workers]. Psicologia Clinica dello Sviluppo, 20, 55-80. doi:10.1449/83130 (Q4)**

Fermani, A., Crocetti, E., Meeus, W. (2010). Attaccamento ai genitori e disagio emotivo in adolescenti appartenenti a famiglie italiane, miste e migranti: Un approccio multi-metodo [Parental attachment and emotional disease in adolescents from Italian, mixed, and migrant families]. Rivista di Studi Familiari, 2, 22-41.

Fermani, A., Crocetti, E., Pojaghi, B., Meeus, W. (2010). Rapporto con la famiglia e sviluppo del concetto di sé in adolescenza [Family relationships and development of the self-concept in adolescence]. Età Evolutiva, 97, 21-33.

Rubini, M., Crocetti, E. (2018). Una o più identità? Articolando identità personale e sociale [One or more identities? Integrating personal and social identity]. Psicologia Sociale, 1, 25-41. doi: 10.1482/89426 (Q4)**


* For each publication indexed in Web of Science (WOS), the Impact Factor (IF) value for the year of publication of the article and the ranking according to Journal Citation Reports ( is indicated. For the most recent articles, reference is made to the IF of the last year available.

** For the publications indexed only in Scopus, the ranking according to SCImago Journal Rank ( relative to the year of publication of the contribution is indicated (in the case of recent publications, reference is made to the most recent quartile in order of time).

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