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About me

My name is Elisabetta Crocetti. I am an Associate Professor in social psychology at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Italy.

My primary scholarly interest concerns the processes of identity formation in adolescence and emerging adulthood.

I am interested in examining how identity is formed and revised over time and which individual (e.g., personality, social-cognitive strategies, anxiety), relational (e.g., family and peer relationships), social (e.g., civic partecipation), and cultural (e.g., migration) factors influence this dynamic.

I am also strongly interested in methodological and statistical issues related to social research, such as cross-cultural validation of measurement instruments, longitudinal data analysis, systematic reviews and meta-analysis.

n 2009 I received the SRIF (Society for Research on Identity Formation) Biennial Best Doctoral Student Research Award and in 2011 I was awarded with a Marie Curie grant. I am a member of various scientific associations and I am currently particularly involved with the European Association for Research in Adolescence (EARA) in which I am the secretary.

Since 2020, I am the incoming Editor-in-Chief of Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research.

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